4 Reasons You Should Be Working Out With A Partner


4 Reasons You Should Be Working Out With A Partner

It’s exciting to start a new workout routine. We start with a schedule and a meal plan, but two weeks later the allure begins to wear off. The long days at work and the crying babies begin to take a toll on the best of us, and we lose the steam we began with.

That’s why accountability is key. Working out with a friend has great benefits.

1. You’ll Be More Motivated

It’s so easy to cancel a workout when you’re working out by yourself. We’ve all told ourselves, “I’m tired from work. I’m just going to take it easy tonight.”

One night becomes two, two nights become three, and soon enough you haven’t visited Zone in over a month. We miss you!

It’s one thing to cancel tentative plans with yourself, but no one likes to cancel on their friends. You’re much more likely to meet your friend for a planned workout at 6 PM than a 6 AM tentative session with yourself. After a few weeks, of creating the habit, you’ll hardly ever think about canceling with a friend.

2. Your Workouts Can Be More Fun

Not surprisingly, the treadmill and leg press aren’t the most exciting ways to pass the time. When you work out with a partner though, you get to spend quality time with your friends while getting in a great workout and working toward your goals. Don’t be surprised if your gym partner soon becomes one of your best friends!

3. You’ll Push Yourself

One tip when picking your partner: choose someone whose athletic abilities are similar to yours. Don’t choose someone who is much less advanced than you – you’ll never challenge yourself. In the same way, don’t choose someone who is so out of you league you’ll push yourself to fatigue.

If you’re at the same level, you’ll push yourself. Odds are that if you’re both tired but your friend is still going, you’ll push yourself a little harder than you would’ve alone.

4. You and Your Friend Will Be More Fit

Who doesn’t want a healthy life for their friends? You’re a product of who you spend the most time with. By surrounding yourself with someone who motivates you to stay healthy, you’ll stick to your fitness goals longer and reach them more quickly!