Advice for New Members


Advice for New Members

Written by Nicole DeIorio, Marketing Intern

The first time in a health club can be as intimidating as meeting the future in-laws. Loud overhead music and dozens of people using equipment can make anyone nervous. However, the first step in accomplishing your goals is setting foot in the gym! At Zone Health and Fitness, we make everyone’s new gym experience remarkable. Here’s our advice for new gym members:

What to Bring

Headphones (We’ve partnered with Warehouse Wireless to provide complimentary headphones at Zone East!)
Running or lifting shoes
Water bottle
Comfortable clothes

Ask for Help

At Zone, we want to help you succeed! If you have any questions, visit the front desk. All first-time members receive a coaching session with a personal trainer. He or she will schedule a time to sit down with you to discuss your goals, desires, and any limitations you may have. After, you will complete a full workout session with the trainer to find your physical fitness baseline, and discuss your workout plan for the future.

Get a Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer will increase your success. Even if you work with them for one session or follow-up after your first coaching session, it will radically change your time at the gym. A trainer’s knowledge about gym equipment, form, workout plans, and nutrition far outweigh the cost. He or she will determine your long- and short-term goals, and formulate a plan. Should you be focusing on cardio? Strength? Is your favorite way to exercise in group classes like Zumba or Dance Fit? Do you prefer CrossFit ZHF? If you can’t answer these questions yourself, ask a personal trainer for help.

Bad First Impressions

Remember, not all experiences are the same. If your last gym had aspects you disliked, chances are you’re carrying that experience into your new gym. If you had a bad experience lifting weights, you may shy away from it next time. Give something you dislike a second chance by looking at it from a different angle. Hire a personal trainer to teach you proper form and a new way to train. You may bench-press elephants before long.

Don’t Make Resolutions

Resolving to achieve something isn’t as effective as doing it. Wishing to lose weight after Christmas doesn’t push you toward your goal. Creating concrete goals and a path to achieve them amplifies your success. Soul search until you find the reason why you want to step foot in the gym. If your goal is superficial – yearning to look like a magazine cover model – the goal may not be achieved. A goal of lowering your cholesterol count is easier to achieve than having a flat tummy by Wednesday. Realistic goals with milestones broken down to the year/month/week/day strengthen the probability of success. Write your goals down. Check back with them daily. Try aiming for better chart numbers at the doctor’s office or dropping one pant size. Workout for yourself, to sleep better, to increase mental clarity, to be an energetic parent; whatever the goal, write it down, and revisit it constantly.

Other Things to Remember

Stretch before and after each workout: This limits injuries because your muscles are prepared for the exercise at hand.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Drinking half your body weight in ounces helps combat dehydration, and lets you rock your workout.
Clean out the pantry: If nothing else, throw out processed and sugary food. With time, you’ll notice a change in inflammation and energy levels.
Keep a ledger: Account for your time by scheduling your life and writing down consumed food.
Find a workout partner: You’re less likely to skip a workout if someone is waiting for you, so bring a friend to Zone!