Bored of Your Workout Playlist Yet?


Bored of Your Workout Playlist Yet?

Written by Nicole DeIorio, Marketing Intern

“Harder, better, faster, stronger…”

Daft Punk had the right idea – music and exercise go together. I’m certain the band didn’t intend their song to become an incredible exercise tune, but it’s in our top ten favorites to work out with! Zone Health and Fitness created several playlists for your enjoyment! Visit the officialzonehealthandfitness Spotify or keep reading to add these rockin’ tunes to your library!

In fact, working out with music has been proven to boost the body and mind during physical exercise. Listening to your favorite beat can detach your body from the pain, and boost endurance to continue past the point of exhaustion.

By associating memories with a song, the mind distracts the body from its current movements, allowing you to work harder than you realize.

Try exercising without music one time. Or can you remember the last time you forgot your music device and headphones at home? How was your workout? By the way, Zone offers complimentary earbuds at the front desk provided by our friends at Warehouse Wireless. If you ever forget those lifesaving ‘buds, ask for a pair at the front desk!

Working out without headphones is…strange. The workout feels weaker – especially if you’re used to playing the Inception or Attack on Titan film score while lifting weights. Those soundtracks are the best! Try listening to the Attack on Titan or Doom soundtrack (saved to the Film Score Zone playlist) while jogging. You won’t be disappointed as it transports you to another world where muscle fatigue feels like it doesn’t exist!

Cycling or running to a beat helps the mind think less. The beat allows the body to fall into a rhythm the mind would otherwise have to create by itself. In fact, cyclists who listen to music while riding their bike need 7 percent less oxygen to complete a workout. When the body is synchronized to music, the mind works less to keep up!

The body is constantly analyzing itself. When you work out, the mind decides your body needs a break long before you actually need one. When you listen to music, your mind focuses on the music more intently than the body – allowing you to run longer distances and complete another set.

If you listen to music and running stills seems like a chore, download the Zombies, Run! app.

“Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure. Every run becomes a mission where you’re the hero, with our immersive audio drama putting you at the center of your very own zombie adventure story. While you run to the perfect mix of heart-pumping audio drama, and pulse-pounding songs from your own playlist, you’ll collect supplies to grow your base at home, and uncover the truth about the zombie outbreak.”

Leave music suggestions in the comments so Zone can update the playlist to include your favorites!


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