Charity Zone: How Your Membership Helps the Community


Charity Zone: How Your Membership Helps the Community

Written by Nicole DeIorio, Marketing Intern

The sole focus of Zone Health and Fitness is to shape lives and strengthen communities, because when one is well our world grows stronger. Did you know that by having a membership at Zone you’re helping more than just yourself? You are helping children who go to bed hungry, sick, abused, and homeless. You help people stricken with cancer – even adults who don’t have a place to call home. Your investment in yourself allows Zone to expand their community outreach!

Every year, we meet and choose a “North Star.” This year, our North Star is to have 7,000 members by December and donate $35,000 to kids. Our money and passion will be poured back into the community through donations, 5K runs, fundraisers, and food drives!

Zone recently hosted a Jelly Drive in the Blast Zone. By donating plastic jars of jelly to the Jelly Drive, you help homeless children.

Saturday, February 24th, Zone took part in a Day of Caring at the Boys and Girls Club of America with United Way of Marion County. Zone employees will be donated their time to clean up the grounds for the boys and girls who are building character and shaping their future!

Zone hosts Blood Drives, where people donate blood on Life South’s BloodMobile!

During the Month of Thanksgiving, Zone hosts Cans for Burpees with His Compassion Church – where members donate cans of nonperishable food for hungry families in exchange for punishing a trainer with as many burpees as cans donated. We had very tired trainers that day – thank you!

Over the year, Zone participates in many, many 5K races! We run in the Tradition Trot, St. Patty’s Day Run, Kimberly’s Center Run, Relay for Life, Derby Dash, Heart Walk, Reindeer Run, Sangria Run, Pace Run for Girls, and many more!

We seek to donate money as well as time, like reading books to children. Zone knows that while donating financially helps, giving our time gets our employees’ heart’s involved, which changes lives!

Another fantastic event Zone takes part in is Relay for Life. From 6:00 pm to 12:00 am, hundreds of participants walk laps in the fight against cancer. Business and groups in the county set up tents for people to do an activity in during the walk. Relay for Life emphasizes that cancer never stops or sleeps, and for one night, neither do we!

Cancer survivor and personal trainer, Traci Rivera, says, “We walk these laps for cancer survivors and those still fighting the great battle. I’m a cancer survivor, but I’ve lost close family and friends to the disease. I’m training five cancer survivors right now! You have no idea how horribly it afflicts the community. Zone focuses on donating to children’s cancer programs because they’ve barely started their lives when they receive this life-altering news.”

“One client had her son train with her because he was too sick to go to school. He was such a joy to watch during his battle. He would cheer his mom on to ‘just do ten more!’ while she trained. He lost his battle several years later. The sweet boy wasn’t even old enough to hit double digits. It’s a tragedy. And that’s why I’m walking at Relay for Life – for this sweet boy and for my parents – in honor of them!”

“Many people faded away from Relay for Life simply because the event was too long. Walking from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am was too much for some people, so the event shrunk. Now that the time has been shortened, the event has been garnering more attention! People need to sign up for the April 13th relay. Donations go to the American Cancer Society, which focuses on all types of cancer! It don’t know one person who can tell me they haven’t been affected by cancer – whether it was themselves, a friends, or their family member. We’re all born with the cancer gene, so focusing on finding a cure benefits everyone!”

Today we had the honor of presenting one of our team members in need a new car. We were able to do this because of the generous donation of AutoMax. We would like to thank Tony LaPuma and his entire team for making this happen. They have truly made a huge impact on this girls life and it will never be forgotten.

Posted by Zone Health & Fitness on Friday, November 18, 2016


Zone Health and Fitness has been giving back to the community since its launch in 2014. Last year, Zone donated $25,000 to charity. This year, our goal is to donate $35,000. With each member that joins, our ability to give back to the community grows. Thank you for changing your life at Zone Health and Fitness! It’s because of your commitment to bettering your life that Zone can change the community. If you see a Zone Health and Fitness tent at any event in the county, you know we are bettering lives!

Thank you for being a part of the Zone family!