How to Get The Most Out Of Our HIIT Classes


How to Get The Most Out Of Our HIIT Classes

Cardio is up there with getting a tooth pulled when it comes to enjoyment. So why aren’t you utilizing High Intensity Interval Training when they offer double the bang for your buck? It gets you more lean and more fit faster without spending hours in the gym.

Sometimes people shy away from HIIT because they find it intimidating or don’t understand how to get the most out of it.

1. Fuel Properly

Treat a HIIT workout the same way you would treat a weightlifting session. We know that pre-workout protein is the key to high performance.

Keep fats low and protein high. Eat a meal 30-minutes before your workout and finish with a protein shake or a smoothie from our Fuel Zone. Workouts break down your muscles, so treat your body with kindness and refuel.

If you follow these nutrition guidelines you’ll build lean mass more quickly, minimize soreness and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.

2. Listen to Your Body

The fastest way to create fatigue and burnout is by ignoring your body. Your body is a vessel, and you probably know it best.

Let our coaches know if you have any physical limitations before class begins. All of our workouts have variations that are suitable for every fitness level.

If you took a HIIT class four days in a row and your body is telling you to cool off, listen! Take a stretch class to loosen the muscles and allow your body time to heal.

As with any training regimen, your body adapts to the stress of HIIT workouts. The more classes you take, the more efficient your workouts will become. Over time a workout that seemed impossible will make you feel rejuvenated.

3. Choose a Class You Enjoy

If you hate running, choosing intervals on the treadmill won’t be for you. Zone offers a variety of HIIT classes for you to choose from.

Ignite is a High Intensity Interval Training class based on athletic conditioning, plyometrics and strength training. This class utilizes a variation of ropes, kettle bells, TRX, medicine balls and functional training equipment resulting in improved athletic endurance, increased metabolism, muscular strength and fat loss. The core elements in this workout are performance balance, athletic movement and integrated strength, preparing all types of athletes to meet the demands of sport, recreation and real life.

Boxing is a great way for you to sweat and train like a pro! Winning boxing combinations and athletic drills challenge you and increase your speed, agility and strength. We have gloves to use or bring your own boxing gloves and wraps.

CrossFit ZHF is a training program that builds strength and conditioning through varied workouts including functional training and olympic lifting. The CrossFit ZHF program was developed to enhance an individuals’ competency at all physical tasks. Beginner classes will teach the fundamentals of CrossFit ZHF and prepare members for our other classes. If you are currently involved in CrossFit ZHF, or have been in the past, you can meet with a CrossFit ZHF coach and they will make sure that you can safely enter a regular CrossFit ZHF class.

Check out the class times for our Premier Program to choose the HIIT class that’s right for you.