Ignite: High-Intensity Interval Training


Ignite: High-Intensity Interval Training

Written by Nicole DeIorio, Marketing Intern

Ignite involves high-intensity interval training for people from every athletic background to get in shape. By finding the baseline between strength and cardio, Ignite encourages metabolic conditioning to increase fat burning and muscle building.

Christine Bianculli, the Premier Director at Zone East, encourages Zone members who want to see dramatic results to try Ignite.

“The class is designed around exercising in the fat-burning zone,” Christine said. “We find the baseline between strength and cardio, so you spend time developing both areas. We build stamina and strength to improve metabolism, bone density, heart heath, agility, and mood improvements.”

Ignite utilizes a heart-rate monitor you wear during class to chart your effort. There are different color-coded zones people fall into, which are shown during class on a television screen. This gives members a guide to see how hard they’re working.

If members are in the Blue Zone, they’re just getting warmed up with light exercise.If they’re in the Yellow Zone, they’re increasing their intensity level. Red Zone means they’re at a full sprint – working as hard as their bodies allow. Ignite’s goal is for members to operate in the Orange Zone – between Yellow and Red – in the metabolic conditioning range.

The class utilizes athletic conditioning through ropes, kettle bells, TRX, medicine balls, dumbbells, slam balls, wall balls, and other functional training equipment. Ignite differs from XGT and CrossFit ZHF because it does not use barbells, or base its movements on repetitions. Instead, Ignite uses 40-second stations and a clock to keep track of the workout.

A typical workout looks like this:

“A trainer will demo the workout by showing the movements for each station,” Christine said. “There’s either three stations within three mini-circuits, or one big station of eight circuits. After explaining the workout, the trainer will ask anyone if they require movement modifications. If someone, for example, shows up with a bad shoulder, we would switch them to a movement that utilizes the same muscle groups without putting strain on the injury.”

The circuit would run about forty-seconds at one movement, followed by a ten-second transition to the next station. After completing all eight stations, individuals have a thirty-second rest to drink water and cool off. Following the rest, they’d continue for 2-4 rounds until completion depending on the workout.

Classes vary in length. An Ignite and Boxing hybrid class lasts for thirty minutes, while a typical class utilizing only Ignite runs between forty-five- to fifty-five-minutes.

Training in Ignite allows muscle and stamina growth. Since people who strength train gain muscle and people who run gain endurance, bonding the two through Ignite gives you the ultimate workout.

Bodybuilders gain bulk muscle by strength training. Ignite creates a long, lean look where your muscles are more fast-twitch and lengthened. Consistently participating in Ignite will prepare you for whatever task is at hand. If you desire to run a half-marathon, you’ll be prepared by taking an Ignite class. If you want to pick up an incredibly heavy bag of dog food, Ignite trains your body in the proper mechanics to perform the movement safely.

“Ignite is definitely one of the most cutting-edge workouts in existence,” Christine said. “We teach proper form, push each other to pass our limits, and build relationships!”

Try an Ignite class today! You won’t regret getting off the treadmill to engage in a fun and challenging exercise. During the month of February, all members are encouraged to try a Premier class – Ignite, Boxing, CrossFit ZHF, and XGT. Those who participate will be entered to win $500 at the end of the month!

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Posted by Zone Health & Fitness on Tuesday, February 20, 2018