NutriZone: Back to the Basics


NutriZone: Back to the Basics

Guest post by David Barnes, General Manager at Zone Health and Fitness.

Time and time again we sit down with people who have tried countless fitness fads and diets but still struggle to build muscle, lose or maintain their weight. That’s why we’re breaking it down to the basics of fitness in our next NutriZone on Saturday, April 22.

In our next NutriZone, Back to Basics, you will learn the basics of working out, recovery, and how to eat. We will discuss the importance of why you should have a routine to follow, why resting is so important, and the best way to burn calories.

Our General Manager, David Barnes, will break down the basics of nutrition which include:

    1. What a macro nutrient is
    2. When you should eat protein, carbs, and fats
    3. The damages of being in a calorie deficiency, and what that means
    4. The importance of eating based on your blood type

With the right knowledge of the basics of working out and eating right, not only will you build a great foundation toward your fitness goals, but also solidify the results you’re looking for.

Learn more at NutriZone: Back to the Basics on Saturday, April 22, 2017.