Personal Training – Get Real Accountability


Personal Training – Get Real Accountability


It’s almost the new year. Somewhere on your fridge or bathroom mirror, you’ve plastered your resolution to get fit and stay consistent. After all, “staying fit and healthy” is America’s number one New Year’s Resolution for a reason.

As time passes into January, the gym may look less enticing, especially piled on top of other resolutions that may or may not get accomplished. What do you do?

If you’ve chosen Zone Health & Fitness as your home gym, you may have registered for different reasons. With 12 different Zones to choose from, there’s an exercise fit for everyone. For the time-pressed individual, there’s the Express Zone. For the overworked individual, there’s the Hydromassage Zone. Strength, Cardio, Cycling, Spa…the zone choices are endless. However, without the right guidance, people find themselves lost in a sea of incredible opportunity.

For the Brennan Family, Frank, Erin, and Shannon, they chose to achieve their goals by working with personal trainer, Kendrick Butler. With single or group training, personal trainers offer their health and exercise wisdom for gym-goers of all levels. More importantly, personal trainers keep you accountable to your workout schedule.

“I joined Zone Health & Fitness long before it was called Zone,” Frank, father of Erin and Shannon, said. “I had owned and operated a gym in the 1980s, but felt there were new ways to train I had no idea about.” Working with a personal trainer has opened the Brennan’s eyes to proper form, technique, and consistency.

“We chose Kendrick to assist us in reaching personal fitness goals,” Shannon said. “Kendrick came highly recommended around the gym, and since June of 2016, he’s helped us tremendously.”

Frank, Erin and Shannon have all become stronger, increased their cardio endurance, and lost weight. Moreover, personal training changed their mental attitude toward achieving goals. No longer did the idea of growing stronger seem out of reach.

“Kendrick has been beyond helpful,” Frank said. “He is always there when I have training questions – even if it’s a quick text from me. He’s never too busy to send an answer or give advice.”

Personal training is not a short sprint. It’s a long-term haul that will change your life and your attitude. Taking the leap into personal training has created confidence in their abilities to conquer new things in fitness – and in life.

“Don’t be intimidated. Just do it!” Shannon said, believing in the helpfulness of using a personal trainer. “It’s not as scary as you think. Take the leap!”

Talk to a membership specialist at the front desk to discuss matching you with a trainer that fits your needs.