Why You Should Drink A Protein Shake After Your Workout


Why You Should Drink A Protein Shake After Your Workout

Guest post by Chelsea Sherouse, Fuel Zone Director at Zone Health and Fitness.

Protein is a staple in the human diet. Protein is a must regardless of the type that you ingest. Whey, soy, casein and meat are all great sources of protein that help with our bodies perform efficiently.

What does protein do for your body?

We all know that protein is good for our muscles, but what else does it do for your body? Protein helps repair and build muscle tissue, burns fats that are in your system, and helps manufacture hormones, enzymes, nucleic acid, immune system components and cellular messengers.

When we don’t have adequate amounts of protein, the body cannot generate the chemical substances that make up all the cells and tissues in our bodies. This makes recovering from injury almost impossible. All of this is a lot of responsibility for one product.

Why should you have a protein smoothie after your workout?

Eating enough protein can sometimes become a hassle, especially if you are on a specific diet. Finding the time in our busy lives to make the food and eat it can be a tad overwhelming. For that reason, most of us just decide to grab something on the go. Fast food isn’t the best diet choice because there usually aren’t many options for a healthy meal or snack. 

Protein shakes are the perfect replacement. Protein shakes are the better alternative because they have higher volumes of protein in a smaller convenient package. The protein in shakes is also designed to reach your muscles and other systems faster because it doesn’t take as long to break down in the stomach. Shake protein only takes about 30 minutes to digest while solid protein takes approximately one hour, making recovery time shorter so you can can reach your fitness goals faster.

Protein shakes are extremely convenient and beneficial after your workout because they get your body what it needs faster. 

Where can you find protein shakes or smoothies?

Zone offers a large variety of protein smoothies and shakes at our café, the Fuel Zone. There, you can find a tasty combination of fruits, vegetables, supplements and protein to fit your needs. We also offer AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shakes at our Customer Service Desk that have a low calorie count and high protein count. They create a balanced meal for optimal nutrition and weight management.

The Fuel Zone is open to the public, so even if you’re not a member of Zone Health and Fitness you can pick up a protein smoothie, nutritious wrap, sandwich or salad on the go! Call us at 352-509-3133 to place your to go order, or dine in at our café!