Women’s Workout Essentials


Women’s Workout Essentials


The key to successfully rocking the gym is using appropriate accessories. You can’t workout without lifting or running shoes, so why would accessories be any different? Zone Health & Fitness has compiled a list of crucial tools you need to crush your workout!

Que – The Collapsible Water Bottle: ($19.95 – $24.95)


This collapsible water bottle is perfect for the jetsetter. It’s shockproof, BPA- and plastic-free, and safe under high temperatures. Shaped like a spring, the bottle comes in ten colors – perfect for matching your aesthetic. It also comes in two sizes: 12 ounces and 20 ounces. 

Lifesum App (Free):

Available on Apple and Android, this app will radically change your life. As an active gym-goer, this app will easily break down your carbs, protein, and fat for the day, count your calories with an in-depth food bank, and keep track of your weight, water, and exercise. For the premium user, enjoy healthy recipe ideas and weight-loss programs such as Keto, clean eating, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, and more. Take the Plan Test to discover which program would benefit your goals! Try the app if – for nothing else – you need to be reminded to drink water.

Hydra Cup ($11.99):


The coolest shaker bottle on the market. The cup splits down the center with separate pop-tops – with each half dedicated to pre- and post-workout liquid. It can also dual-function to hold your wallet in half of the cup, and has a key clip on the outside. Like I said, it’s the most functional shaker cup on the market. The best part? It holds 28 ounces! Go check it out!

FlipBelt ($28.99):


The FlipBelt is specifically designed to sit flat and securely on your hips without bouncing or riding up. The sleek, tubular design of the FlipBelt Classic allows you to securely carry everything you need while running, hiking, biking, working out at the gym, traveling and more. The moisture wicking fabric easily stretches to fit large phones like the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Notes while also giving you plenty of room to store keys, cards, IDs and small medical devices. Turning the belt over closes all openings and further secures your items in place.”

90 Degrees by Reflex High-Waisted Tummy Control Power Flex Leggings ($26.99):


Personally, the words “high-waisted tummy control” automatically sends items into my shopping cart. No matter your size, no one wants to feel self-conscious about tummy rolls as they’re working on their sit-ups. These leggings are ideal for everyday life with a high waist and long legs. They’re stretchy, and even have a hidden pocket for your keys! Sold. (If long leggings aren’t your jam, 90 Degrees has capris leggings.)

Calia by Carrie Underwood Athletic Duffel Bag ($49.99):


From workout to weekend getaway the CALIA by Carrie Underwood Athletic Duffel Bag has you covered. A spacious main compartment provides plenty of room for you to stash everything from workout gear to weekend wear and interior pockets help keep everything organized and secure. A shoe pocket keeps footwear separate while zippered front and side pockets let you keep your cellphone and other go-to accessories on hand. Complete with an adjustable padded shoulder strap for maximum comfort and a customized fit while you’re on the go.”

Bowers & Wilkins PX Bluetooth Headphones ($399):


“PX combines best-in-class sound with optimized noise cancellation, 22-hour battery life and intelligent controls that respond naturally to your behavior, for a totally intuitive listening experience.”

Creative Sound Blaster Jam Bluetooth Headphones ($40):


“The Creative Sound Blaster Jamwireless headphones deliver a big audio punch in a lightweight body with an attractive price tag. Perfect for users who are constantly on the go, the headphones have NFC connectivity for one-touch pairing, excellent battery life, and robust Bluetooth range.”

AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller ($18.99):


Even the best athlete needs to work out their legs in between massage appointments. For less than twenty dollars, you can bring strengthening and rehab exercises into your home! If you suffer from back pain, align the long roller vertically, and lie down with your head resting on the top edge of the roller. Your head, spine, and bottom should all be on the roller. Slowly move your arms up and down low to the ground like a snow angel. This stretches muscles in your back, shoulders, and neck. Personally, it helps with headaches before they start.

Fitlosophy Fitbook Fitness Journal ($22.99):


This twelve-week goal-setting journal allows you to track your goals, weight loss, daily successes, and measurements. Chart your daily food, including nutrients, vitamins, water, and sleep. A daily workout page allows you to journal strength training, cardio, classes, and even flexibility!

Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ties ($8.00):


Leave kinked hair behind with this set of three hair ties! Made from an artificial resin, the soft plastic-like hair tie will hold your hair back without tugging or tearing. Forget about headaches and split ends! These hair ties have you covered.

Sports Microfiber Towel ($11.99):


You know it’s a good workout when you sweat like it’s been raining. But no one wants to sit in their sweat until they shower at Zone or make it home. The Sports Microfiber comes in a set of three – one for your car, gym bag, and home. Wipe away your hard work with an anti-bacterial towel!

Contraband Weight Lifting Gloves – Women’s ($14.99):


Any workout lifting weight requires gloves to protect hands from rough skin. These gloves have a quick removal finger tab to easily take off the glove. It’s breathable with vented mesh, and has silicone rubber beading to provide strong grip on whatever you’re lifting.