XGT: Add Functional Fitness to Your Day


XGT: Add Functional Fitness to Your Day

Written by Nicole DeIorio, Marketing Intern

The class list at Zone Health and Fitness is endless, ranging from group exercise training to personal training for every gym-goer. All classes focus on building strength and confidence by giving you personalized instruction. Each class also varies in intensity, but none will fail to give you incredible results with consistent effort!

XGT, our newest program, focuses on interval training – cardio and strength – with small groups of people. One class is split into groups of 2-4 people, where they work together at different stations to target different muscle groups. Zone West utilizes weights, rowing machines, spin bikes, kettlebells, barbells, and other equipment during each workout.

Classes are fun, short, and change every day! Broken down into three sections, you will warm up, workout, and cool down within the span of one hour.

Fitness Director at Zone West, Kendrick Butler, oversees the personal trainers and all XGT coaches.

“XGT embodies everything beneficial that comes from working with a personal trainer,” Kendrick says. “We maximize results by implementing weight training, conditioning, and mobility into one program. It’s like Small Group Personal Training with all members receiving individual help from coaches during the workout.”

XGT classes at Zone West run from Monday to Saturday with morning and evening classes suitable for everyone!

“Workouts are created by the founders of the program and current Master Trainers to provide the best results,” Kendrick says. “There is a different workout every day, and workouts are programmed to build off the previous day’s muscle groups. XGT is unpredictable – you don’t know what you’re doing before you walk through the front door. People need to be challenged like this to see results!”

Expect to see a friendly, fun, and family-like environment when you try a class! You will be pushed to try new things, but coaches always modify the workout to meet your strengths to ensure you feel comfortable working with weighted equipment. If you’re just starting XGT, try the foundations class!

“We offer three foundation classes a week for Premier members who need to adjust to movements and class flow,” Kendrick says. “The foundations are a great way to build your confidence and technique before jumping into a class.”

Try an XGT class today! Build camaraderie with the community of XGT-goers, and challenge each other to healthy competition. Group exercise classes, where you’re always pushing your limits, is an excellent place to build lifelong relationships. Couple your hard work at the gym with self-control in the kitchen, and you’ll be ready for the summer!

By the way, come to Nutrizone’s Spring into Your Summer Body event Saturday, February 17 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm at Zone East. We’re unpacking how to use this spring to achieve the summer body you want!