Small Group Training

West Location


With a variety of over 50 Premier Classes between both clubs every week you’re sure to find something that you love! Check out the weekly schedule to find your ideal Premier Class or Classes.

Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals, united by the common goal of achieving their personal best. Our expert trainers will guide you through customized workouts, ensuring you receive the personalized instruction needed to reach your fitness goals. Embrace the dynamic group environment, where motivation and accountability thrive, and witness the transformative results of training together.Over 40 classes are offered each week

  • Expert trainers provide individualized guidance and support within a small group setting
  • Foster motivation and camaraderie as you train alongside like-minded individuals, pushing each other to achieve new heights
  • Tailored exercise routines designed to target specific goals, whether it’s strength, endurance, or overall fitness
  • Regular check-ins and measurable milestones to help you stay on track and witness your progress firsthand
  • Benefit from the affordability of small group training while still receiving quality instruction and supervision


Intense workouts designed to target the three different metabolic energy systems in the body. Each hour-long class consists of a 12-minute segment dedicated to strength, endurance, and conditioning. The workout program focuses on upper body and lower body muscle groups

Intense full-body workouts for athletes, combining mechanical and aerobic training. Each hour-long class includes a group warm-up, workout intervals, and group stretching. Personalized intensity based on individual fitness levels.